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planning protest artwork in East Chiltington 2016 to 2021


first published - June 2021

Message from Stalin - first shoot the writers, artists and poets

Zsolt Kerekes - editor July 18, 2021

Eton Greed - the Eton vs East Chiltington chronicles - protest artwork #6The people living in East Chiltington (population 286 in 2016) have a long established tradition of defending their landscape and habitat so that it can continue to be enjoyed by visitors and residents now and in future generations. As a resident myself I have occasionally had to adjust my keyboard to a more jagged style of barbed writing in wrongthingwrongplace contexts. I'm a writer. But typists can only do so much. It's the artists who can pierce you in a moment and elevate your emotional connection to an idea in a way which only poets can aspire to with words.

In this new series - planning protest artwork in East Chiltington - I'm celebrating some of the art which has been created to help rally the troops and message the cause of protecting our quiet green spaces.

I'm writing and publishing it out of chronological order. I began the series with #5 - because we had a big fight going on at the time in which the artwork was playing a strategic part.

This artwork too - #6 ETON GREED - shares DNA with that earlier icon.

And as to the protest? - which I've been recording in the Eton versus East Chiltington chronicles... it's still ongoing and likely to continue for years.

Who are the artists? - To avoid being shot - or got at - 3 out of the 4 volunteer artists celebrated in this series - originally created, published and shared their artworks anonymously for exclusive use by the respective campaigns for which they were created.

If you are a journalist writing about environmental campaigns - and the Eton versus East Chiltington development in particular - and would like to use higher quality versions of these images in an article you're working on - please contact me and I will forward those requests to the copyright owners.


First I'll let the image speak for itself. Here it is.
Eton Greed - the Eton vs East Chiltington chronicles - protest artwork #6
What do you think?

Unlike some of the other protest artworks in this series - ETON GREED - named itself. Which really simplified things for me as an editor handling the image in page placements.

After here below - you can see ETON GREED - as it was first published on the home page of wrongthingwrongplace.com - on June 11, 2021 (archived pdf). This is along with the first set of rambling words and scrambled ideas which I wrapped around the image - when I launched it to my readers.
Eton Greed - the Eton vs East Chiltington chronicles - protest artwork #6
this conversation is entirely imaginary and a work of friction

typist - I thought you were creating an artwork for my old article - hello Etongrad!

artist - I read that one - very nice. No - this one's for that new article I thought you said... Eton Greed.

typist - I think my spilling chucker must have clanged it.

artist - or your productive teat.

typist - typing fast affects my spooling too.

artist - so when are we going to see it?

typist - just need to fat cheque it first with legal.

artist - have you got a working title yet?

typist - Ms Mr Dr Prof Lady Lord..? Too long at the keyboard. What say you to... hello ETON GREED!

artist - it's a very small village isn't it?

typist - yes - all the good writers are busy doing letters.

...and yet - coming here soon on WrongWordWrongPlace-etc

ETON GREED - a definite article - and a new series too
Those above are my words. I've been itching to change them but I'm trying to make this article you're seeing now part of a true historic record. That includes any cheesy text I may have written, faults and all.

What do the artists have to say about their own work?

Mostly when I've asked for each Artist's publishable comments - at the time of publication - I've been told they prefer their artworks to speak for themselves. And that's the case here too.

Finally - this below was the context and setting of the web page on the day that the artwork ETON GREED made its first public appearance on the web on June 11, 2021. If you click on the image below - it will take you to an archived version of the home page.
ETON GREED - artwork in context when it first appreared on wrongthingwrongplace.com

The attribution of "Greed" as a primary moving influence in the proceedings of Eton College and its various new town machinations in East Chiltington was declaimed by many local residents at the very start of the digitally channelled discussions which took part among us when the news first broke in February 2021 - under UK Lockdown #3.

Although - as a resident - I could understand why Greed was an often stated view - I deliberately avoided resorting to the Greed appellation in the first few months of my own writing and reporting about this affair - as far as I was able to. It didn't seem like a solution to anything. And I wanted to wait until I had done sufficient research to understand what were the original cracks in the planning system which had let lose this demon plan in our midst.

I did my own research into Eton's financial statements about its investment plans - in reports spanning many financial years - and the other documents which I read about how the planning gain was habitually gamed for the huge windfall gains and light tax benefits it conferred to owners of agricultural land.
It was slow going because I had a lot to learn about the murky business of planning - and I also had a lot of typing to do on other parts of this story.

A clincher for me was when that some neighbours had received letters directly from Eton's management confriming that this was no simple accident of a backroom committe heading off at an unpremeditated tangent. More evidence which came later from other sources proved that I had been wrong not to adequately represent these "greed" criticisms more strongly in my own editorial coverage.

So I was ready and willing to lead with the strong ETON GREED artwork on my home page when it was released for my use.

My earlier reticence on this "Eton greed angle" had left me with an unfortunate deficit of web content assets which I could instantly redeploy into an accompanying ETON GREED article at the time . But I knew where I'd seen them. And when they have been packaged into a suitable standalone collection I'll add a link here.

In the meantime - you'll see plenty of such editorial in other places by doing this Google search "East Chiltington" AND ("Greedy Eton" OR "Eton Greed")
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