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Maria Caulfield's newsletter

Editor:- July 27, 2021 - Lewes MP, Maria Caulfield visited the DUTD's first public event in Plumpton last Friday - but what did she take away from it?

Well - judging by her email newsletter (2 days later) - she got the point of the campaign group's short form human guide to filling in the daunting anti-personnel maze of pages spewed out by LDC's new plan consultation.

The image below is an extract from the MP's recent newsletter.

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DUTD mentioned in Lewes MP's newsletter July 2021

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No Eton New Town

say signs in East Chiltington

no Eton New Town in East Chiltington
In May 2021 - signs began appearing in the lanes and hedges around East Chiltington to alert friends and visitors to the risk that this countryside they're enjoying now will be lost forever if Eton College succeeds with its devastating new town plan. the story

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