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the Eton versus East Chiltington chronicles
In February 2021 the residents of East Chiltington learned that Eton College had plans to destroy their way of life by concreting over fields to build an unasked for and entirely unnecessary new town. see story timeline

Are those tree huggers at the back there still whining about our eco community building and progressive development plans?

Let them eat cake

That's how it ends. This is how it starts.

July 29, 2021

from:- Rosie Pearson - co-founder - Community Planning Alliance

Hi Zsolt - re - your Consultation in England's Property Planning System - the burglar analogy

I too been at the receiving end of far too much developer-babble, planning piffle and, in particular the eco- garden- green- prefixes.

We all had to watch some splendid brainwashing videos at one 'consultation' event.

My favourite bit was when we were told that if people living in the proposed new towns (which would have concreted over 6,000 acres of countryside) like nature they can buy planters.

Fortunately the planning inspectorate saw through all the developer-babble and planning-piffle. So there is hope.

Editor's comments:- That's a let them eat cake quote if ever I saw one. And is very revealing of what lies behind all those biodiversity levelling up statements which can be seen on developer porn sites like NorthBarnesFarmdotdotdot. Obviously I only look at them for the purposes of research.

The above conversations are on linkedin. You can join Rosie's forensic conversations about what's wrong with the planning system there. (She has given valuable strategic advice and encouragement to the anti Eton new town campaign). And if you missed it - because there's so much stuff now (and bright colours) on their web site - Don't Urbanise the Downs is also on Linkedin

Is there a place for humour when discussing these worrisome matters?

I think that while the destructive threats to East Chiltington, Plumpton and our neighbouring parishes have to be taken deadly seriously - with every bullying probe rebuffed by an adequate defence - the campaign groups and their allies are getting stronger. They fight to win.

It annoys tyrants more when you laugh at them and mock them than when you fear them. So from time to time you will see nutty blogs from me here. (Sometimes on purpose.)

GBP 1.8 million per bite - Eton versus East Chiltington
maybe that dog's not so crazy after all

in a "landscape Eton by dog" kind of way
paid by each download? - the streaming musician

paid by each face? - the unlocked beautician

paid by the packet? - tired Uber van driver

paid by each page swiped? - the ebook self writer

paid by the hour? - from poor to rich pickings

paid for words writ? - expectations by Dickens

paid by results? - being a VC's such a slog

but paid best of all - by the bite - Eton's dog

Rough rhyming I know... I still don't get it. Which bit? All of it a bit. Last bit a lot. Last bit - about bites. How big is a bite? This dog bite's a lot. It's a big dog. Big jaws. Jaws was a fish. That's another plot. Let's get back to this spot. South Downs. Pause for breath. Hard to follow? A plot's an acre, an acre's a bite. Hard to swallow. Not for this dog. And at £2 million / bite... Enough! I'm scared now. I see it. The great hound? Yes. Now I see - how the fields could get Eton.

It still sounds crazy to me though. Me too. Though every word is true. So I hand you over to the care of a proper mathelytical article... No dogs? No. Or sharks? No. Just maths. Not too hard is it? No. It's the the simple ma££s of planning gain. I'm getting nervous about your spelling. The dog's worse though. Yeah thanks. Goodbye nightmare sharks. Hello weird dogs scary stuff. You already knew that. Yes - the scary Eton thing. But it wasn't a dog then. It was a meteorite. Just as bad though? Yeah - it's the same bad thing.

silent spring and concrETON image wrongthingwrongplacedotcom"Concreting over precious green fields - when brownfield sites are available - in the 2020s in South East England - is more reckless and careless of the well being of future generations than spraying the 1950s fields of North American farms with plane loads of pesticides."

Zsolt Kerekes, editor wrongthingwrongplace - in the article - Final Spring in Novington Lane? (March 30, 2021).

How many more Sussexes can we afford to lose? - article  image
Editor:- June 17, 2021 - How many more Sussexes can we afford to lose?

GB lost an area of grassland to #urbanisation equivalent to the counties of Sussex and Suffolk combined in just 25 years - according to a satellite based research study by UKCEH.

One thing which doesn't help. £2 million / acre gain in value by land promoters getting planning permission to redesignate fields for houses in Sussex. (Source - UK gov data and developer's own press releases.) ...read more (on my linkedin page)


consultation in planning?
the burglar analogy


the landscape assessment walks in East Chiltington

What do you like in this landscape?

What makes you happy being here?

Do you recognise the dogs?

Was it really that long ago?
. the landscape survey walks in East Chiltington remembered

Editor:- May 20, 2021 - Published today - a new article - the landscape assessment walks in East Chiltington - looks back at an event which has particular relevance today - when we're thinking about what it is we're trying to protect. ...read the article