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planning protest artwork in East Chiltington 2016 to 2021

#5 - South Downs Eton by dog

first published - May 2021

Message from Stalin - first shoot the writers, artists and poets

Zsolt Kerekes - editor, May 28, 2021

South Downs Eton by Dog - wrongthingwrongplace.comThe people living in East Chiltington (population 286 in 2016) have a long established tradition of defending their landscape and habitat so that it can continue to be enjoyed by visitors and residents now and in future generations. As a resident myself I have occasionally had to adjust my keyboard to a more jagged style of barbed writing in wrongthingwrongplace contexts compared to the more upbeat style of "let's make computer architecture better" I had written about in my working life - and the "once upon a time" tone of my fiction. I'm a writer. I'm not an artist.

In this new series - planning protest artwork in East Chiltington - I'm going to celebrate some of the art which has been created to help rally the troops and message the cause of protecting our quiet green spaces. I'm writing and publishing it out of chronological order - beginning with #5 - because we have a big fight going on as I write this.

Who are the artists? - To avoid being shot - or got at - 3 out of the 4 volunteer artists celebrated in this series - originally created, published and shared their artworks anonymously for exclusive use by the respective campaigns for which they were created.

If you are a journalist writing about environmental campaigns - and the Eton versus East Chiltington development in particular - and would like to use higher quality versions of these images in an article you're working on - please contact me and I will forward those requests to the copyright owners and see what they say.

South Downs Eton by dog

First I'll let the image speak for itself. Here it is.
South Downs Eton by Dog - wrongthingwrongplace.com
What do you think?

I have called it - "South Downs Eton by dog" here for convenience. Because I had to call it something. I thought it was a wonderful way of messaging a critical aspect of the horror story we found ourselves inhabiting - which for want of a better title - I called the the Eton versus East Chiltington chronicles.

Interested in seeing more? - the series will go into double digits reflecting the chronological sequence of publication in the period 2016 to 2021.

After here below - you can see South Downs Eton by dog - as it was first published on the home page of wrongthingwrongplace.com - on May 26, 2021 (archived pdf). This is along with the first set of rambling words and scrambled ideas which I wrapped around the image - when I launched it to my readers. There was a lot of stuff going on. So I didn't have time to make a subtle introduction for the new protest image.
say no to new town - wrong thing wrong place
GBP 1.8 million per bite - Eton versus East Chiltington
maybe that dog's not so crazy after all

in a "landscape Eton by dog" kind of way
paid by each download? - the streaming musician

paid by each face? - the unlocked beautician

paid by the packet? - tired Uber van driver

paid by each page swiped? - the ebook self writer

paid by the hour? - from poor to rich pickings

paid for words writ? - expectations by Dickens

paid by results? - being a VC's such a slog

but paid best of all - by the bite - Eton's dog

Rough rhyming I know... I still don't get it. Which bit? All of it a bit. Last bit a lot. Last bit - about bites. How big is a bite? This dog bite's a lot. It's a big dog. Big jaws. Jaws was a fish. That's another plot. Let's get back to this spot. South Downs. Pause for breath. Hard to follow? A plot's an acre, an acre's a bite. Hard to swallow. Not for this dog. And at £2 million / bite... Enough! I'm scared now. I see it. The great hound? Yes. Now I see - how the fields could get Eton.

It still sounds crazy to me though. Me too. Though every word is true. So I hand you over to the care of a proper mathelytical article... No dogs? No. Or sharks? No. Just maths. Not too hard is it? No. It's the the simple ma££s of planning gain. I'm getting nervous about your spelling. The dog's worse though. Yeah thanks. Goodbye nightmare sharks. Hello weird dogs scary stuff. You already knew that. Yes - the scary Eton thing. But it wasn't a dog then. It was a meteorite. Just as bad though? Yeah - it's the same bad thing.
Those above are my words. I've been itching to change them but I'm trying to make this article you're seeing now part of a true historic record. That includes any cheesy text I may have written, faults and all. Apologising for any offending sentences you may have speedily scrolled past - my plan as a an editor and creator of web articles is always to try and create a mixture of words, images, links and ideas which complement each other and talk about related things in mutually supporting ways in order to communicate with my readers.

Sometimes it works better than others and with the web - uploading bit by bit as I write - it's easy to change the words. In my past 30 years of writing alongside images I have often used a single image alongside completely different words in different articles and in different contexts. That'll be the case too with South Downs Eton by dog - which may not even be the name it will be best known by.

What do the artists have to say about their own work?

Mostly when I've asked for each Artist's publishable comments - at the time of publication - I've been told they prefer their artworks to speak for themselves. And that's the case here too.

Finally - this below was the context and setting of the web page on the day that the artwork South Downs Eton by dog (version A if it changes) made its first public appearance on the web.
South Downs Eton by Dog - context on the day of its public launch

The metaphor of a planning development eating up the landscape is a strong idea. And you'll see it again in another image in this series - where it was used in a different campaign. In a completely different way.

This series is a work in progress. Another episode next week. Do I go backwards or forwards in time? - that's what I'm asking myself.

Update:- June 2, 2021 - I might need to use negative numbers in this series too. Talking this morning to the artist who created images #1 and #2 - I learned that there were posters created to stop some other obnoxious plans (literally - as in a poison chemical dump type of plan being one of them - long before I came here. "I can dig out the posters and artworks if I've still got them." Stay tuned for more pictures - going forwards and backwards in time.

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