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the £ton versus East Chiltington chronicles
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dispelling $um matters

Zsolt Kerekes - editor - July 19, 2021

I've been wondering if I should change the spelling of one of the more commonly used words in this story to add a bit of interest and supply greater clarity to the meaning. Thus... (and that's a word you don't see too often on web pages nowadays - but it's not the word I was intending to write about in this dispelling blog - so let's rejoin where we left off) and thus...

£ton replaces Eton

Eureka! As - you can see at the top of this page - the new spelling (£ton sic) provides clarity and instant foreboding of the matters to be discussed - when used in a context like - the £ton versus East Chiltington chronicles.

Once my brain started going down this track (a track - please note - no wide roads here) it got me thinking back to that online discussion which I started 4 months ago - can residents please suggest a name for a new town West of Lewes? - which will replace East Chiltington - and is to be developed on land owned by Eton College

There have been many good contributions and I thought that that vein had been clean mined out. But you can see where this is going...

So I signed in and typed.

How about this? - £ton.

£ton is short and etymologically tells the whole story.

So far so good. But I promise not to use this new authorized spelling too often - otherwise it will add to your eyestrain.

Just one last one before you go. £TON M€$$ doesn't wash greener! Whatever they may claim in those cleverly crafted developer fantasy ads. That type of greenwash is just developer porn.

Eton Greed - the Eton vs East Chiltington chronicles - protest artwork #6
this conversation is entirely imaginary and a work of friction

typist - I thought you were creating an artwork for my old article - hello Etongrad!

artist - I read that one - very nice. No - this one's for that new article I thought you said... Eton Greed.

typist - I think my spilling chucker must have clanged it.

artist - or your productive teat.

typist - typing fast affects my spooling too.

artist - so when are we going to see it?

typist - just need to fat cheque it first with legal.

artist - have you got a working title yet?

typist - Ms Mr Dr Prof Lady Lord..? Too long at the keyboard. What say you to... hello ETON GREED!

artist - it's a very small village isn't it?

typist - yes - all the good writers are busy doing letters.

...and yet - coming here soon on WrongWordWrongPlace-etc

ETON GREED - a definite article - and a new series too


the simple ma££s of planning gain


what's it all about?

In February 2021 the residents of East Chiltington learned that Eton College had plans to destroy their way of life by concreting over vast swathes of Sussex downland to build an unasked for and entirely unnecessary new town. see story timeline