We won! see timeline of the Chiltington Lane Caviar Farm story here

Below is an archived copy of this page as it looked in September 2016.

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Residents Meet to Protest Caviar Farm Development in Chiltington Lane, near Lewes - September 8, 2016

In Chiltington East in '16

the strangest idea we had seen

caused much alarm

a planned caviar farm

wordwashed in soothsayer green

LDC LW/16/0695 - a rhyme of the Romans winterbourne

I was mowing the lawn at the bank holiday weekend (slowly so as to enable the toads to leap out of harm's way when they heard the noisy thing approaching - and also somewhat slowly because it hurts my shins less if I walk into the back of the basket when my steering is a bit wonky and the front of the mower hits the raised vegetable beds) and I was thinking about how silly the whole caviar-farm-and-des-res-scooped-out-of-a-grass-hill-overlooking-the-national-park idea seemed but also the difficulty of conveying these complex ideas to normal people who don't have the time to read hundreds of pages of arguments on one side or the other.

I couldn't help it but some silly verses started popping into my head which seem to summarize the caviar farm story. Only the first part has been written so far, and more is to follow.

There will be more to come on this.

So please make a note and come back soon if you're curious to see how it goes.

Or maybe it will prompt you to start a petition against limericks about planning applications in the countryside.

re "Chiltington East"

To be fair - I can't claim any credit for the delightful term "Chiltington East" as a smoother sounding substitution for rhyming purposes for "East Chiltington".

I first heard the term "Chiltington East" in a wonderful rhyme at the East Chiltington village party in 2016 at Hollycroft Field.

I put a note on this page to ask if anyone could tell me who that was so that I could give a deserved attribution (as I'm sure this usage will pass into the folklore and maybe even the language).

About a week later I was on a walk around East Chiltington on September 10, 2016 (the landscape assessment event) which had been organised by Steve Toomey and this where I learned who it was.

Rivkah Cummerson, who was one of over 20 of us on the walk, had seen my query on this page and told me the name of the piano playing dog poet was Joss Peach.

I will contact Joss and ask if he has a copy of his poem I can link to.

You'll love it.

this van from east sussex highways removes posters
a van removes protest posters
from residents' own verges
at request of developer
On Thursday, September 1, 2016 - it was clear we were having an effect when an East Sussex Highways van started to remove and take away protest signs because of a complaint the day before by the caviar company which wants to develop the greenfield site.

That's democracy in action. Local residents' voices silenced at their own taxpaying expense. ...read the full story

wrong thing wrong place

Say No to caviar farm

in Chiltington Lane, Lewes

what's it all about?

There are many complex issues.

But the underlying wrongness of this speculative scheme is so simple to grasp that even a child can understand it.

See caviar campaign page for more.

You can tell Lewes District Council what you think right now using this simple official online comments form and they are obliged to consider what you say

news:- November 23, 2016 - Lewes PAC votes to reject caviar farm plan - The 2 hour meeting was an edge of the seat affair culminating in a 7 to 1 vote to reject the application on 3 main groups of planning technicalities. ...read the article
say no poster - landscape image


"All the residents of Chiltington Lane, and many more local people nearby, are concerned about this application"

residents at a meeting to protest against caviar farm chiltington lane - september 4, 2016

Some of the local people who are opposed to the Caviar Farm development - at a recent meeting last Sunday (September 4th). Read the press release.


other signs in the lane

Saturday, August 27, 2016 - within a few hours of having the posters ready on Friday afternoon you could hear the sound of neighbours tap tapping the posts to show their support all along the lane.

By Sunday afternoon the signs stretched for more than a mile outside every house from one end of the lane to the other. We've had requests for more signs but we ran out. So for now you'll have to print you own from this A4 pdf file.