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Residents Protest Caviar Farm Development in Hamlet Near Lewes

Chiltington Lane, East Chiltington, Lewes, UK - September 8, 2016:-

Residents of East Chiltington, St. Johns Without and Cooksbridge met last Sunday evening (September 4, 2016) to discuss their concerns about a recent application to Lewes District Council to build a caviar farm in Chiltington Lane, East Chiltington (planning application LW/16/0695). Many of them had recently returned from holiday to learn that they had less than two weeks to digest the many documents and submit their comments to the council. The deadline for comments is September 16th 2016.

meeting of some of the local residents who oppose plans for caviar farm  in  East ChiltingtonThe caviar farm may permanently damage the landscape in a sensitive area near to the South Downs National Park that is located on a narrow country lane popular with walkers, riders and cyclists.

The developer, Mr Kenneth Benning of London Fine Foods, intends to build a reservoir, four fish ponds, farm buildings and a dwelling on a steeply sloping site requiring massive earth movements which will totally reshape the landscape.

Filling the reservoir and ponds will consume scarce water from a seasonal winterbourne upon which sea trout and many other animals and plants depend.

'All the residents of Chiltington Lane, and many more local people nearby, are concerned about this application,' said Janet Downes, organiser of the meeting. 'We are very lucky to live and work in such a beautiful place. The proposed caviar farm could leave us with a permanent scar on the landscape in return for little or no economic benefit to the area. This is just the wrong place for this enterprise.'

'I fully support the local residents in their fight against this blot on the landscape,' said Councillor Sarah Osborne, District Councillor for Plumpton, Street, East Chiltington and St. John Without. 'I share their concerns about the impact this development would have on the local environment and the detrimental effect on the quality of life of its immediate neighbours.'


further information and contact details

www.wrongthingwrongplace.com - links to the plan and related stories

Janet Downes - tel 01273 891 050, janet.downes@downesmarketing.co.uk

Councillor Sarah Osborne, District Councillor for Plumpton, Street, East Chiltington and St. John Without:- tel 07986 776 105, sarahosborne2000@yahoo.co.uk

Photo below shows those present at the first protest meeting at Chiltington House, Chiltington Lane.
residents at a meeting to protest against caviar farm chiltington lane - september 4, 2016

Click on the image above to get a higher resolution JPG image if needed.

We'd already had several meetings earlier in the day with neighbours before the "official" evening meeting and so for that and other reasons the photo above only shows a snaphsot of those who could attend the later meeting and those who weren't camera shy.

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